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True LIfe Western Stories ~ Books on CD written by......Ron Jahns

audio stories by r v jahns of burns oregon
"Kids On A Ranch"

A Collection of Stories from the ranch
written and told by Cowboy Artist Ron Jahns

"These personal stories of life on the ranch are pulled out of my vast storage of true life western stories from around the ranch.....the stories include a heart warming tale about a little horse named Rusty, Springtime, Hairy Legs, The Dandy, Mind over Matter, A Story About Spot and many more! I wanted to share my books with everyone so I thought it would be good to put my books of western stories on compact disc so the whole family could listen to these wonderful western stories on a cold and stormy night all snug around the fireplace. Folks, do you remember the good 'ol days when families would gather around the radio? Well, listenin' to my book of western stories on CD will bring the whole family together to share real stories that will warm the heart and put a smile on every face! And these western stories on CD will make a great treat around the Christmas tree for the entire family on that special night before Christmas when the whole family gathers together! Or....... How about that long road trip? You know those radio stations just don't want to come in too clear so make your next trip special! Just pop my books on compact discs into the CD player and listen to those miles just fly by and give the family something fun to talk about in the car! My books of true life adventures on the ranch come on two high quality compact discs that will surely make a handsome addition to your favorite CD collection and your library of family books! I sure would like to share my special books on CD with your entire family! So be sure to order your copy of these true life western stories on CD today and I'll be sure to get your CDs in the mail for you faster than a grasshopper in a hurricane!"
~Ron Jahns          

You can enjoy these wonderful stories with the whole family ~ all for the low price of $19.95!
and never mind the shipping cost......we'll ship 'em to you free!

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"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful stories on CD.
I will enjoy them over and over again! I was so pleased with your quick service and the personal
note you included, that I wrote about you on our company blog."
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